Porn Nerd Network FAQ
(Frequently Asked Questions)

Who runs Porn Nerd Network?
Porn Nerd Network is owned and operated by me, The Porn Nerd, a regular person just like you, not some slick Hollywood porn professional. Online since 2009 I've built up a great network of over 90 erotic, sexy and unique websites for you to enjoy - all with a single membership! When you're a Member of Porn Nerd Network you get personalized attention, fast service, privacy, satisfying adult entertainment and a trusted webmaster. Porn Nerd Network is the fastest-growing adult network on the Internet!

If I Join Porn Nerd Network will I get RIPPED OFF?
These days, when you Join a website you don't know what you're really commiting to! You think it costs so much but then you check your credit card and find out that $29.95 website cost you...$61.43!!! WTF? With Porn Nerd Network there are ZERO "pre-checked cross-sells/upsells" (those tiny little check boxes on the Join form you never notice that automatically sign you up for this or that rip-off). I'm a real person too and I HATE when people take me for an idiot so we here at Porn Nerd Network promise to never 'trick' you into anything. Our prices are our prices, that's it - no hidden fees, games or tomfoolery.

If I Join Porn Nerd Network will I get bombarded with junk email or endless 'offer's?
Absolutely not! I hate Spam as much as anyone (except maybe Monty Python) so you will only receive important emails about your account, new Member features you can use or network announcements. Basically, stuff you need (or should) know. We appreciate your patronage and loyalty, and understand that trust is a two-way street so no useless emails.

How often are Porn Nerd Network websites updated?
Maybe you've joined adult websites before that promise 'regular updates' but then, after months of taking your money, do nothing to add to the site. That sucks big time so our active websites are updated every single week with fresh photos and videos so there's always something new to see, every single day, at Porn Nerd Network!

Will I get hassled if I decide to cancel my Membership?
Of course not! While we would hate to see you go we understand we're living in hard times. Perhaps you'll come back again in a few months, when things are better. So it's always good to leave on good terms. That's why we make canceling (or letting your membership expire) painless; simply contact CCBill or Epoch and they will take care of you.

Are there any new Porn Nerd Network websites on the way?
Yes! Porn Nerd Network is always on the lookout for quality websites and models to bring our Members. In fact, we add a new website to the network almost every month. But don't wait before Joining - you'll miss out on so much!

Will my private information (email, cc#, etc) ever 'get out' or sold?
No way, never. We encrypt all private user information on our private dedicated servers with the latest Security software. And since we believe in privacy around here (The Porn Nerd is pretty shy himself) there's no way we'd ever sell anyone's info. We'll go out of business first before we let that happen!

Can I fuck any of the girls I see on a Porn Nerd Network website?
Unfortunately, you cannot. I say 'unfortunately' because I know how hot the girls are - that's why you're here, right? But Porn Nerd Network is not an Escort Agency, online dating site or talent agency (so please no emails asking if we need any "stunt cocks" because the answer is 'No, we do not'.) We sell fantasy for adults, not flesh-and-blood fulfillment.

I think I have what it takes to have a successful website with Porn Nerd Network. Where do I apply?
If you have enough quality content and are interested in earning some extra income then please contact us. Please be aware, however, that not every Applicant is accepted to be part of the Porn Nerd Network.

What happens if I lose or share my password?
Well, 'losing' (or forgeting) your password and 'sharing' your private password information with others are two differant things. If you forget your login info we can easily retreive it for you. However, if you give or share your password with someone else then you may lose your Membership privelages. Also, no excessive downloading, stealing, uploading content to tube sites, giving away content on file-sharing sites, etc. We track all useage so we would detect such illegal behavior and Cancel your subscription. But none of this bad stuff will happen if you merely keep your personal login info to yourself.

If I encounter any issues with my membership can I get in touch with a real, live person?
Yes you can! In fact, chances are high it will be me, The Porn Nerd, who assists you with whatever issues may arise. For any billing questions you will need to contact our 24/7 customer service depts. 

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